Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday= Spin Session!

My new training program is intense! Once again, I'm having to adapt the generic version.. there's no way way I'm ready for OR have time for 100mins of cycling on a "school day"! Not to worry, I had a great 60min session and covered close to 30km.

Wind trainer- Interval sets

WU: 5min spin 90rpm's @ T3; 2 x 1min 1 leg drill,  @ T3
6 x (30sec @ T4, spin 110rpm's, 30sec recovery @ T2)
3 x (60sec hard gear out of seat, 30sec recovery)
9 x (1min 110 rpm's spin @ T4 1min @ T2 spin 90rpm's)
3 x (3min hard gear, low cadence, 65rpm's @T5; 2min recovery @ T2 90rpm's)
3 x (1min @ T5, 30sec recovery @ T2)
5min spin down 100rpm's to 80rpm's
TOTAL: ~28km

Looking forward to my first road ride back with the squad on Saturday.. rain rain go away!!

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