Sunday, September 18, 2011

Race Day!

Sometimes, the legs just don't cooperate with the heart. And today was one of those days.
Two words: hurt locker! I finished in 1:53 (TBC)... but at least I finished! It was a beautiful (and hilly!!) course and so nice to be starting a Sunday in such a way.

Thoughts of the day:
- I haven't done nearly enough hill training!
- Never again will I hibernate from road rides over winter (2 rides before a race: not enough!)
- Downhills are my saviour
- I really need to cut 5mins off my 5km
- My bike needs a serious service!
- &/or I don't know enough about my gears
- Thank you Chrissie Wellington for your inspiration: it was about the only thing that kept me going on the 4th lap of the bike course!

So let's just call that a training race :) 
Perfect to highlight the weaknesses pre tri season and prove it to myself that I can do it, even if it is painful! On the plus side, I'm injury free and can only get stronger from here!

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