Monday, September 12, 2011

Brick Session #3!

I love Mondays! My brick sessions are feeling stronger each week and I'm looking forward to getting out of the gym and on my bike for #4. Provided Melbourne puts on the weather for me :)

Today's was in the gym as I'm still on holidays and my bike didn't come with me.

WU: 5min spin
MS: 30min mod spin (hill program on stationary bike) (15km total bike) + 6x {250m @ 11-11.0km/hr; 250m @ 10.0km/hr} (3km run)
WD: 1km easy jog (9.0km/hr) (4km total run)

I finished off the session with a short & hard strength session:
4x {25 med ball swings (10kg);  25 kettlebell deadlifts (20kg)}.

Life is good!

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