Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pre-race brick!

Tomorrow is the big day!

This morning's session started out as a quick run to pick up my car (yes, I had one too many drinks last night...) and ended up as the perfect confidence booster for tomorrow's race.

A beautiful Melbourne morning for a pre-race brick.
3km run/20km ride/3.75km run.

I'm feeling great and looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Now it's time for my non-training prep:
- feet up
- compression socks on
- hydration happening
- motivational reading well & truly started (see next post)
- tri laces to be threaded
- bag & car to be packed
- sleep to be had.

Should be fun! Stay tuned....

P.s I've just realised the duathlon tomorrow is actually 5/20/3 (not 8/20/5 like I first thought)- it's going to be a walk in the park! ;)

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