Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dead legs cont...

It's been a big week.. and running on a Friday afternoon is tough. I still managed 5 or so kay of a decent trot and a strength circuit though, so I'm glad I managed to turn down the afternoon champagne flowing at the office!

WU: 1km 9.0km/hr
MS: 6x(350m @10.0km/hr; 150m @12.0km/hr); 500m @ 9.0km/hr + 2x150m @12.0km/hr (30s rest)
WD: 1km @, 500m @ 6.0km/hr
TOTAL: 6.0km/hr

3 rounds-
20x12kg kb swings
10x30kg deadlifts
20x15kg push press


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