Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swim Research

A big thank you to Terry O'Laughlin from

Watch this video if you're interested:

Points to note:

1. Resistive vs Repulsive Forces
- The only way to move forward in the water is for the propulsive forces that you produce to exceed to resistive force of the water (the drag).
- You get faster when P>>R! Sounds simple!

2. Sustainability not Velocity
i.e. maintenance of speed over chosen distance (not slowing down)

3. Stroke Length vs Stroke Reach: decrease your SPL!

4. Shaping the Vessel: think long & tall in the water

5. Taking the path of least resistance: energy conservation.
Did you know humans are only 3% efficient in the water?! (i.e. 97% of our energy is wasted!). Unless of course you're Michael Phelps ;)

6. Swim with your body and not by pulling and kicking:
- spear hand into the water & line up the body behind;
- both hands in front between stokes = lower wave drag
- streamline legs behind upper torso (legs drag behind & don't kick alot);
- drive hand to particular place in water (intention to finish stroke there);
- relax hand at end of spear (palm facing back);
- R hand: L hip & R foot drives down first
= gravity & body mass, not fatiguing upper body!
= arms & legs working together through the core
(every muscle bewteen opposite hand & leg is activated)

(..and this was all just Part 2 of the series! Enough for me to concentrate on for now don't you think?!)

Like I said, I have some work to do! But if I can be more efficient in the water, I'll be one happy girl :)

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