Thursday, September 8, 2011

SPL= 24.

I have some work to do!

Today's session was form focused:

WU: 200m flip; 4 x25m SPL (26-28 over 25m)
MS: 4x (25m R, 25m L, 25m pull, 25m catch up, 25m kick, 25m SPL)
+ 100m flip, 100m technique, 100m flip
+ 200m breath work (flippers, up to 10 strokes per breath)
WD: 100m flip
TOTAL: 1.5km

I enjoyed the drills and know my form is a lot beter than last year, but I have a long way to go to get my SPLs down to 19.

According to Terry Laughlin: "Swim less, drill more. If you find yourself unable to reduce your SPL to a consistent 20 or fewer... your stroke inefficiencies are so stubborn that every lap you do simply makes them more permanent better. The quickest way to build new “fishlike” movement patterns is to practice skill drills rather than conventional swimming. Try doing up to 80% of your laps in stroke drills for the next month or two and see how your stroke reacts."

Stay tuned...

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