Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Twas the day before Race 2..

I've been a little slack on the posts lately, but mainly because I've been pulling myself back together after a mini melt-down at training last Saturday. Without boring you with the details, I went out for a 10km run with TA and couldn't push above 6:20min/km..... & I had no idea why.
Tired? No - I had a raging Friday night & was in bed by 9.30pm.
Tight? No - I've been on the foam roller religiously & am always stretching.
Nutrition? Maybe - time to go Paleo??......................
The legs were so heavy & for some reason it really upset me - mainly because I've been putting in the hard yards & know I can run at least 5:40min/km in training... Anyway, I canned the rest of the session and opted for a nice long swim instead. Just what the legs needed.

Since Sat, I've pretty much had my head in taper mode. Even though Race 2 is only SD, I figured there was no better time than now to have a relatively easier week. So here's the week that was:
Mon: 5km run (27.08 - & I was quite impressed considering); 2km squad swim
Tues: 60min WT session; strength circuit with a client
Wed: 2.5km swim set
Thurs: TA combo session- WT + 3x500m runs off the bike; more WT; ocean swim
Fri: Elwood-Black Rock ride (~25km)
Today: TA pre-race session - 1km WU; 3x(transition practice - ride into run [2x500m;1x1km]); entries & exits + 2x300m swim. Leg soak!
Drum roll................. and I'm feeling good! So I'm excited for tomorrow's race (now) - fingers crossed we actually get a triathlon unlike Race 1! Only in Melbourne.........

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