Monday, December 12, 2011

Gatorade Race 2 - Elwood

The lead up
If you've read my previous post, you know how my lead up had been. Not ideal... but well timed to come good the day before race day!
In the hurt locker...

Race Day
Another duathlon - 1.4/20/5 in tough conditions with a very wet and windy lead up. The rain cleared by morning, which just left us with the headwind from hell on the way back up from Port Melbourne on the bike. I ws hurting by the second lap and looking forward to T2 but never really found my legs again for the run. Lucky they held up for me though! 5kms in 26:28 is quick for me and 30s faster than Race 1, so I've gotta be happy with that.. I just wasn't enjoying it at the time and can't believe I'm going to be doing double in less than 8 weeks!!

Official time -1:18:14.0
Splits - 6:23  1:06  42:51  1:30  26:28

A big thank you to Tri Alliance as always and to Simon from Lakeside Sports Medicine for my pre-race massage. Now for some more glute work to stop my damn TFLs blowing up on me!

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