Monday, December 26, 2011

Hell Week Day 4!

Christmas Day, so just one session today. I opted for a short run as, if you'd read my previous posts, it's bloody hot here!!! (I'm currently on holidays in sunny Townsville and missing the official Tri Alliance Hell Week in Melbourne).

6.30am.......and it's still boiling hot. 6km in 34:10 though - much better than yesterday!!
Splits: 5:53 5:47 5:38 5:37 5:37 5:36 + a 1km CD (Total: 7km).

So an average pace of 5:41km/hr is pretty consistent for me - not quite race pace (5.20km/hr), but it certainly felt like it considering the conditions in FNQ!
Av HR: 162
Max HR: 183

And I'm feeling it. Smashed the foam roller post run and a good Pilates session, but I was walking around (and napping!) like I'd run a marathon yesterday. I'm obviously a little worn out from a big year and the body is winding down now I'm back home with the parentals. Today (Boxing Day), the legs are still a little sore but I've taken the morning off to relax a little and my sis & I are just about to go for a walk with her dogs. Listening to the body is the key, which you may or may not know, is one of my current goals. I'll think about training (indoors) a little later on today (perhaps a nice brick at the gym is in order?). After all, I am on holidays.............

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