Friday, December 23, 2011

Hell week!

Yesterday marked the first day of the annual Tri Alliance Hell Week. What's Hell Week I hear you ask? Basically, 7 days of hell :) Long rides, runs off the bike (or longer runs in the afternoon) and a swim every day, with the length dependant on whether you're a Sprint, Olympic, half IM or IM athlete.

Day 1: AM - 50km ride + 5km run off the bike; PM - 1.5km open water swim. Off to a good start!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I miss the rest of the Melbourne based Hell Week as I am now in QLD with the family, but I've made the executive decision to do my own modified version, without my bike, so I can still get a nice training spike in while the extra time (& nap time!) I have allows for it!

Day 2: 3km swim set
As I flew in today it was a little tricky to get in a double session, but also perfect to rest the legs before a long run tomorrow morning. I'll be honest, it's not going to be easy being bike-less and I may have to resort to the gym some days as it's bloody hot here, but I know I will certainly gain some fantastic fitness benefits over the next 5 days!

Stay tuned...

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