Monday, October 31, 2011

Thanks Chrissie!

I read this awhile ago & have been thinking about it a lot in training of late. A good reminder: 

“It’s important to hurt in training and to learn to suffer a bit. Embrace fatigue and pain—welcome it and develop strategies to embrace it. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not working hard enough. You’re not always going to have easy days in training—you’re going to be frustrated and have a bad day and it’s important to learn to endure those in training. When you experience it in a race, you’ve already encountered it and can have that peace of mind.”
~ Chrissie Wellington


  1. I've done three OD's (all London). Also stepping up to try and qualify for major event in my age category.
    One thing Chrissie Wellinton has taught me, and I met her yesterday by coincidence is your limit is only what you decide it is. 'Anything is possible' is her motto and I have also found that to be the case when you allow it.
    Go for it Steph, which OD tri will you go for?

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment :)

    I'm starting with Sandringham (Melb, AUS; Feb 5 2012) and hope to follow with Noosa 2012!

    You met Chrissie yesterday?! That's SO exciting! She is such an inspiration!! I now have mantra's all over my water bottles!!!!

  3. I'll look out for your results. Good luck with your training in the meantime.