Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still no wetsuit.. but ocean swimming has begun!

I'm still waiting to hear from Dave @ CBD Cycles re my wetsuit, but I couldn't wait any longer to get in the water! SO Thursday night was my first ocean swim of the season.. and other than the awful slop (& smell!!) down at Elwood, it felt great! I do need to get some fog-proof googles though... I can't swim straight as it is!!

This morning, I ran 10km in about an hour and did some mighty fine 5''40'/km intervals throughout... needless to say I gave the legs a good soak in the bay post-training!! This morning was also transition practice- great to get into the groove of mounting, getting into (& out of) the shoes quick and running off the bike. More running??! Yes! The compression socks are on as we speak!

This afternoon is week 2 of a TA Swim Technique Course (which I'm loving!) and tomorrow, my first 100km on the bike. Talk about a massive weekend of training!! Loving it!

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