Friday, October 28, 2011

More swim technique!

I can't get enough!

Catch And Pull In The Freestyle Stroke (

"At full reach and without dropping your elbow, feel like you are tipping your finger-tips over the front of a barrel.... visualise a smiley face drawn on the palm of your hand. As you start the catch, tip your finger tips down and show that smiley face on your palm to the wall you just left. This is like locking your hand in place, effectively feeling-the-water."

It sounds like I'm on track with my catch & pull however this gives me a good focus for tomorrow's swim. Especially seeing as I'll be solo, with the coach (& everyone else!!) in Noosa.

Now it's time for bed before an early TA combo session in the morning. It's aquathlon & duathlon day tomorrow!

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