Thursday, October 6, 2011

Such a busy week!

It's weeks like these that I truly take my hat off to all the Ironmen and women, mothers, fathers, wives and husands who manage the volume of training they do and the balance of the life they lead. The article "Are Kona bound amateur athletes tougher than the pros?" read my mind. (
I've just got myself to look after and the last few days have been challenging to say the least!

On Tuesday, I managed a 45mins spin and ~3km run "off the bike".  Yesterday, I ran another ~3km (intervals, of course!!) and trained with one of the PTs at work (a client referall thing..).  Both still better than nothing, but I need to stay on track if I'm ever going to get "fitter, faster, stronger"!

Looking forward to my first combo session down at Elwood Beach with TA tonight! Which means.. I'm definitely leaving work at 5pm!!!

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