Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gatorade Race 5 - Elwood

The lead up
I had a fantastic race week which finished with the perfect pre-race session and I was like a kid at Christmas time waiting for the first hit out on my new bike. I knew Race 3 at Brighton would be pretty tough to top, but I was excited to see what would unfold.

Race Day
A home-ground advantage and perfect conditions - I could not have asked for a better morning. I was redlining the whole way, but I came out of the water in 11mins, felt super quick and comfortable on the bike and even managed to beat my Brighton run time (by 10s - it still counts!). 5.05min/km - so unbelievably close!

Official time - 1:18:00 = another PB!
Splits - 12:23  1:32  37:05  1:32  25:27

What I learned
- Redlining feels so good, at the finish line!
- There's no greater satisfaction than passing men on their 5K bikes during the bike leg :)
- I'm more competitive than I realised! The best thing about this part of the season is that you know the girls who finish near you and therefore who to mow down the bike & not let catch you on the run! 
- It is possible to get identical transition times :) I lost my place briefly coming off the bike leg, (I was thinking category 6, not row 9), so next time hopefully I can crack 1:18 with a sharper T2.

Happy to be nearly done!
I have 2 more chances this year with Portarlington and St Kilda to cap off the series. I may have to wait until next season, but I will run 5min/km pace this year!! 

On a side note, I never thought I'd be one of "those people" who finish a race & go out for more. But I am. I took the new bike out for a spin after brekky and I couldn't be happier!

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  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about Portarlington.