Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New swim set!

So I've spent the last 8 weeks refining my swim technique - now it's time for power! This morning's session was the first in a very long time with paddles & the difference is amazing!!

WU: 400m flip
6x50m (30 strokes polo, rest swim- I need to build this up to 25m polo, 25m free)
6x50m (w 30s recovery)
200m easy
6x100m paddles (w 30s recovery)
3x100m free (w 30s recovery)
WD: 300m flip
TOTAL: 2.4km

SO my aim is to build on this each Wednesday, increasing:
a) the length of the polo efforts;
b) the number of polo repeats;
c) the number of sprints;
d) total distance!

Oh, and I finally get what the coach means re pressure on the water - LIGHTBULB!!!

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