Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tough session in the pool this morning!

Today was tough! After Monday's great session in the pool, I had set out to do a big swim with hope of working my way closer to the TA OD program - but it wasn't to be. Even after 10 hours sleep last night, the body really just didn't want to cooperate. I'm sure I'm just feeling it from yesterday (well I hope that's all it is!) - not the wisest move to rush home from training, barely stretch and then stand around the pub in high heels for a few hours.... Lesson learned!

WU: 2x(150 free; 50 back)
6x50 (1:00; flippers)
200m flip
6x50 (1:30; no flippers)
200m free
100 scull, 100 free
100 kick; 100 free
WD: 2x(50 back; 50free)
TOTAL: 2.0km

I did however run into my inspiring IM buddy Richard Sekesan, who is always good for some tricks of the trade. He's suggested the VIC Swim Squad sessions at MSAC (M/W/F @ 7am), as the coaches are great with technique, personal attention and correction. Perfect for when I finish the Learn to Swim/Technique Correction course with TA. Gotta love divine timing....

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