Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TT Swim

This morning marked my first official TT pool swim. A beautiful morning in Melbourne, the obvious choice was to head to Prahran Pool to the outdoor lanes. We jumped in the fast lane, which I wouldn't normally do, but there was only one other guy swimming and he certainly wasn't sprinting! So everything seemed fine until Michael Klim arrived! Thankfully he was swimming in the reserved lanes, so I was safe :)

WU: 100 flip, 100 free, 100 pull; 4x50m builds
MS: 500m TT - Time: 11.10
WD: 100 flip, 100 free
TOTAL: 1.2km

Overall, I'm happy with my time. 11.10 is certainly a lot quicker than I used to be and my PB of 10 flat in the ocean was with a very helpful current on the way back into shore. 2012 is now all about monthly TTs, so I can get a good idea of how I'm performing. Thanks to the lovely Katee P for the inspiration!

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