Saturday, January 21, 2012

The importance of goal setting.

I frequently blog about my goals and I love nothing more than checking back to make sure I'm on track. You all know I want to run consistently at 5min/km pace, but I may have failed to mention that it has also been a goal of mine to get at least one "long run" back in the training program. With OD on the cards, just running 10km isn't enough and I must admit, that's the farthest I've run in a very long time. Until today :)

14km... done! It wasn't easy and there may have been a few swear words thrown around, but here's what I (re)learned:

1. Drinks on a Friday night are not conducive to your best long run :)
2. I can run 14km! (I know I can, as I've trained for & ran a half before - I just needed reminding!)
3. Playing mind games gets me home faster. Just like Race 3 - I used speed intervals (this time 400m on/400m off) to keep things interesting and pick up my overall pace. I'm on to a winner here.
4. Mental toughness is where it's at.
5. I can do anything I set my mind to!

I'm wrapped. A decent HM time is now my next goal. Long runs, + 10% each week, are back. And you can hold me to that :)

For now... it's sleep time. Tomorrow is all about the long ride and getting my nutrition right. In case you haven't read my Queenscliff Camp report, click on the link to read my plan of attack. Stay tuned....

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